BLACK STAMP Studio performs pre-production,
production and post-production of audio-visual products.

- Advertising (Commercials) and Video tags.

  Full implementation - from the conceptual design to the final product.


- Adaptations.

  Adaptation of foreign language videos to the Bulgarian market.

  Replacement of labels, packaging and product images in already existing videos.

      - Feature films and Documentary films, Corporate videos, Music videos.
        Full organization and filmmaking.
Special and visual effects.

       -2D and 3D animations.
        Modeling, Rigging, Scene Lighting, Rendering, Motion Capture, Match moving,
        Tracking, Matte Painting.

* Pre-production - Creative, organization, preparation
Production - filmmaking, special effects
Post-production - editing, visual effects, 3D animation, color grading.



- a flexible approach to projects and clients.
own innovative technologies.
small workshop for special effects.
- cinematic
post-production studio.
creative atmosphere.